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Our Business Vision

We provide a premium health and fitness studio featuring Remedial Massage, Osteopathy, Reformer Pilates and NLP Mindset Coaching consultations for clients that choose to restore health and happiness on a regular basis. Our team of experienced health professionals inspire our clients through excellent communication and social connection to advance overall health.

Why Choose Major Movement

Our team of health specialists are dedicated to inspire every individual of all ages and abilities to advance their health excellence and improve quality of life.

Our experienced team of health professionals provide a variety of treatment modalities and are committed to treat, educate, and motivate anyone towards achieving their health & fitness goals.


To have the best relationship with our self and others, whilst linking to the wider community to build incredible connections.


To be the best version of our authentic self, creating an inviting environment for each and everybody to celebrate their own style of excellence.


To be exceptional leaders in the health industry. We encourage others to be the best version of themselves to stimulate infinite growth & development.


To demonstrate the ability to ‘step back up’ to achieve incredible personal and professional results.

Remedial Massage Therapist Studio Pilates Instructor

Anita also has a strong understanding and thoroughly enjoys working with clients suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain. A large calibre of Anita’s cliental has been within the corporate sector, managing desk disease, headaches, and migraines. She also loves working with sports related conditions. Anita loves nothing more than getting our clients back to what they love doing.

She has a strong emphasis on understanding each individual clients goal, to get the best outcome of the treatment.