Sporting Mindset Mastery

Are you a sporting club wanting the upper hand on your opponents this season?

Engaging in both competitive and social sports can impact players’ physical bodies. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these sports can also impact your players’ emotional and mental well-being. 
Our studio director, health, movement and mindset coach is the expert in the field to give your team the competitive edge this season.

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What is involved in Sport Club Workshops?

30-minute online meeting with team management & coaching staff: 

Purpose: To discuss what your playing group specifically need, in order to develop their mental & emotional states.
Outcome: To raise team comradery, passion and unite togetherness.

90-minute in-house club visit with your playing group, coaches and management staff:

Purpose: The 90-minute workshop will be specific and tailored to the needs of your team. 
Outcome: You will gain invaluable tools & information that will notably give you a competitive edge over your opposition, to give you a greater chance at winning ongoing premierships.

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NLP Mindset Coaching Consultations are for people that have the desire to make change and are willing to be open to adapt, change and remodel your behavioral habits to create the possibility to make massive change in your life. Your NLP session is ‘talk therapy based, which can have an element of physical technique or ‘doing exercises’.

We provide you the space for you to adapt, change and remodel your behavioral habits to create the possibility to make massive change in your life.

Is it your time to finally find the freedom to make choices that empower you and others?

Do you have?

Mindset Coaching
Goals aims

Do you want the freedom to make choices that empower YOU and others? NLP creates the opportunity for YOU to discover the choices that you may have not yet noticed.

Dream Big Set Goals Take Action

We use the Language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

What is NLP?


The nervous system (the mind), through which our experience is processed via 5 senses:



Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning.



The ability to discover and utilise the programs that we run in our neurological systems to achieve specific and desired outcomes.

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