Functional Cupping & Stretch Therapy

Our experienced practitioners can use cupping therapy and assisted functional stretching to stretch, lengthen and mobilize your body. This treatment session will have you feeling a greater sense of overall movement and mobility.
Functional Cupping
Functional Cupping Back
This treatment style, you and your practitioner will be moving your body, rather than lying flat on the table like a traditional massage treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to increase your muscle flexibility and generate movement between your joints. This will leave you feeling taller, extra mobile, with a greater sense of pain free movement.

The massage cups can be placed on targeted areas of your body by your practitioner, with guided cues to move your body in a slow controlled manner. Your practitioner will assist with stretching techniques, with education on how to best simulate the stretches at home, leaving you feel aligned, centred and ready to take on the day.